Ascension. The Apex. Next Level.

Arguably the most anticipated record ever to come out of the Hieroglyphics camp, Pep Love's "Ascension" has been over 7 years in the making. Having been featured on various published Hiero songs between 1994 and present, Pep Love has in fact been a part of the Hiero Crew as early as 1991 as 1/2 of the group, The Shamen (now known as The Prose). Many of the pair's early demos and songs can be found on the "Hiero Oldies" cassettes available only at the website. It wouldn't be until the release of Hieroglyphics' family album, "3rd Eye Vision" in 1998 that Pep would truly get his much-deserved debut as noticeably grabbing the most rhyme-time on the album. Now poised to deliver his first solo recording, Pep Love presents "Ascension".

Consisting of 16 full tracks (no filler or short interludes), "Ascension" chimes in at 73 minutes and features a small but select cast of accompanying emcees and producers. The album begins with a JayBiz-produced cut, "Grime and Grit", with additional production throughout the album supported by: Domino (Hieroglyphics), A-Plus (Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics), DJ Babu & Evidence (Dilated Peoples), Mako (Toys In the Attic). Emcee are just as strategically selected, featuring the talents of: Tajai (Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics), Major Terror (L.M.T.), The Grouch (Living Legends), Casual (Hieroglyphics).


01. Grime and Grit

02. Living Is Beautiful -
MP3 (2.0M) | RealAudio

03. The Grind

04. The Fight Club -
MP3 (1.5M) | RealAudio

05. US -
MP3 (2.0M) | RealAudio

06. What You Are

07. T.A.M.I.

08. My Energy-
MP3 (2.1M) | RealAudio

09. Ascension -
MP3 (2.1M) | RealAudio
10. A New Religion -
MP3 (2.0M) | RealAudio

11. Act-Phenom

12. Pacific Heights -
MP3 (2.0M) | RealAudio

13. Karma
(The Snake Charmer)

14. If You Can't Beat Em'

15. Different -
MP3 (2.1M) | RealAudio

16. Black People
(Melanin Magnetic)

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